Irish Theatre Institute (ITI), is a resource organisation that nurtures, promotes and drives the ambition of Irish theatre makers and Irish theatre, from its grassroots beginnings to its presentation on the world stage. We seek to maximise creative opportunities and resources for performing artists and producers across theatre and dance in all Ireland and international contexts.

We provide mentoring, training and continuing professional development for theatre makers; from writers and performers to producers, directors, behind-the-scenes staff and company managers. We run workshops and seminars, host tailor-made websites and searchable databases. We support dedicated spaces where creativity and innovation can flourish undistracted. Our mission is to create opportunities abroad and strengthen resources at home for theatre artists, companies, venues and festivals.

Our new and existing activities fall under three main programme headings: Theatre Artists Programme, Theatre Sector Programme and Artform/Public Engagement Programme.



We aim to support theatre artists at all stages of their profession to make work and develop sustainable careers. We provide high level, relevant mentoring and continuing professional development opportunities which aim to nurture talent and drive ambition.  

Theatre Artist programme supports are focused on

  • capacity building;
  • continuing professional development and
  • producing supports.  

To learn more about ITI's Theatre Artists Programme go to Artists and select the programme activity from the drop down menu.



ITI is committed to continued support of the Irish theatre sector, leading the way in best practice, identifying and brokering opportunities at home and abroad, nurturing collaborative international partnerships, and advocating for change. Through this area of our activity we aim to lead in the support and development of all disciplines within theatre nationwide both now and in the future and create opportunities for Irish theatre to be seen by audiences on both Irish and world stages.

ITIs support of the Irish theatre sector is delivered through a programme of:

  • national & international networking and showcasing;
  • artform supports and collaborations;
  • repertoire research and analysis.

To learn more about ITI's Theatre Sector Programme go to Events and/or Artists  and select the activity from the drop down menu.



ITI delivers reliable, verifiable and accessible information on Irish theatre to the public and the sector via online resources, publications and public facing events. In delivering these virtual and face-to-face interactions, we create opportunities for the public to engage in the professional Irish theatre sector, promoting and safeguarding the repertoire, and encouraging dialogue within the sector and academia.

ITI engages with the public through online interaction, and through participatory activity in public-facing events and publications.

To learn more about ITI's Artform/Public Engagement Programme go to Resources and select the activity from the drop down menu.


Our Funders/Partners

ITI receives annual funding from the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon is project funded from Culture Ireland, Dublin City Council and Foras na Gaeilge and supported by the Douglas Elliott Family Fund.

ITI continues to seek out and manage key collaborative partnerships to facilitate the development of the sector and to support and resource the practitioners operating within it towards the creation of new work for Irish theatre. Through these collaborative and producing partnerships, ITI seeks to generate opportunities for theatre artists, particularly in the context of continuing professional development and national and international touring. Our partners include Fishamble: The New Play Company, Dublin Fringe Festival, Age and Opportunity / Bealtaine Festival, Tyrone Guthrie CentreCoisCéim Dance Theatre.

ITI supports the National Campaign for the Arts and #WakingTheFeminists.