Speak Up & Call It Out

Speak Up & Call It Out - Safeguarding the Future of Irish Theatre. A theatre sector initiative led by Irish Theatre Institute and supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. After the events and revelations in 2017/18 in relation to the abuse of power, and in line with calls to action taking place in theatre sectors across the UK, Australia and elsewhere, Irish theatre came together to discuss and identify initiatives to begin a much needed cultural change in behaviour.


On the 21st March 2018, ITI hosted an event in Liberty Hall. The event was divided into two parts: Speak Up followed by Call It Out, and was designed for everyone working in the Irish theatre sector including actors, writers, directors, designers, technicians, production and stage managers, independent producers and administrators as well as theatre collectives and the major theatre organisations, venues and performing arts festivals.

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On the 31st October 2018, ITI hosted an event in Project Arts Centre to discuss outcomes and feedback on the implementation of the Draft Code of Behaviour for Irish Theatre since its launch at the Speak Up & Call It Out event at Liberty Hall.This meeting heardfrom practitioners and companies who piloted the Code - its effectiveness and implementation, its suitability and value. The Code of Behaviour was formally adopted by the theatre sector at the end of the event. 

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On the 10th February 2021, the Speak Up ACTiON Survey was launched. It is an online survey of arts workers and their workplace experiences. The survey will gather clear information from artists and arts workers on their lived experience of Dignity in the Workplace issues in the arts, so that Irish arts workspaces and experiences can be improved for everyone. The survey is a cross arts sector initiative recognising that issues exist across a number of artforms. You can find the survey here. 

Speak Up ACTiON is the first step in Phase II of Irish Theatre Institute’s Speak Up programme. ITI has also been running out a series of Intimacy Coordination Workshops with renowned facilitator Ita O'Brien. For news on call outs for workshops, please visit the news page

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