Over the years at numerous ITI events many important issues have been addressed in a a variety of panel discussions and presentations. Please click on the links below to listen to podcasts, view VIMEO or download transcripts from our past events. (Please note the material available for download varies from year to year)

International Theatre Exchange 2011 (VIMEO)

Speakers included John E. McGrath, Artistic Director, National Theatre Wales, Pádraig Cusack, Associate Producer, The National Theatre, London, Tisa Ho, Executive Director, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Sinéad Cusack, Eleanor Methven, Marie Mullen and many more. 


EU Cultural Programme 2007-2013 Seminar (VIMEO)

Speakers included Jane Daly, Co-Director, Irish Theatre Institute, Niamh McCabe, International Arts and Artist's Supports Officer, European Cultural Contact Point, Martina Marti, Theatre Director, Finland, Gavin Quinn, Artistic Director, Pan Pan and Marten Oostek, Dood Paard Theatre Company, Amsterdam. 


International Theatre Exchange 2010 (Podcasts) 

Speakers included George Heslin, Artistic Director, Origin Theatre Company & First Irish Festival, New York, Linda Murray, Artistic Director, Solas Nua, Jessica Fuller, Director, Platform Ireland, Ron Inglis, Director, Regional Screen Scotland, Linda Crooks, Administrative Director, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Hilary Fannin, Playwright, Ismail Mahomed, Director, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown and many more. 

Transcripts from this event can be downloaded here


International Theatre Exchange 2009 (Podcasts) 

Speakers included Sherrie Johnson, PuSh Festival, Canada, David Malacari, Auckland Festival, New Zealand, Christopher Wynn, Edinburgh International Festival, Scotland, Tim Smith, General Manager, Druid, Michelle Dickson, Oxford Playhouse and Jukka-Pekka Pajunen, Tampere Theatre Festival and many more. 

Transcripts from this event can be downloaded here