Irish Theatre Handbook 4th ed Publ.2007

Irish Theatre Institute has published four editions of the Irish Theatre Handbook since 1998. This publication contained information on all Irish theatre, dance and opera companies, festivals, venues and support organisations in the Republic and Northern Ireland. It also contained information on international festivals and networks and contact information for a wide range of suppliers of services to the theatre sector. An online companion resource was launched in 2004 and re-branded as in 2014.

The Irish Theatre Handbook was viewed as the most important and accurate resource for information on Irish theatre and a 'must have' publication. It had a wide national and international circulation. A limited number of archive copies of the four editions of Irish Theatre Handbook (1998, 2001, 2004, 2007) are available.

In 2004, in line with ITI's commitment to the use of internet technology, was launched which allowed us to update information on a regular basis. 

Launched in September 2014, is a brand new and upgraded site which responds to the ever changing nature of the Irish theatre sector. It replaces Irish Theatre Online, maintaining some of its popular features and complementing it with exciting new additions. enables theatre professionals and the general public to access up-to-date theatre information in one easy to navigate site. It provides an edited selection of theatre news from a range of national and international media. is a point of access to current and upcoming theatre events around Ireland, courtesy of The Arts Council’s Culturefox website.

The site contains detailed information on:- 130+ theatre, dance and opera companies, - 100+ venues and networks, - 30+ theatre and arts festivals,- comprehensive listings on funding bodies, training and support organisations, actor and literary agencies and international performing arts festivals and networks.