Irish Theatre Institute (ITI) is a not for profit theatre resource organisation and Registered Charity (CHY 20847), governed by a Board of Directors (see Board and Patrons page for further details). 

Our Mission

ITI nurtures, promotes and drives the ambition of Irish theatre makers and Irish theatre, from its grassroots beginnings to its presentation on the world stage.

We provide mentoring, training and continuing professional development for theatre makers, from writers and performers to producers, directors, behind-the-scenes staff and company managers. We run workshops and seminars. We offer artistic and creative support and practical advice. We provide information on everything including funding, budgeting, networking and resource sharing, ensuring it is easily accessible to everyone, from emerging talents to established artists.

Mindful of the nation’s history and the great traditions of Irish storytelling and performance, we gather, host and share information on the story of theatre in Ireland, digitally on tailor-made websites and searchable databases as well as in physical reports and materials.

Away from the spotlight, we care about Dignity at Work issues, working conditions and the welfare of theatre makers, and are committed to leading through good practice and example.

We are passionate about the future. We support new work and new producing opportunities as theatre reaches out to new audiences, not only in Ireland but across the globe, engaging audiences and enriching people’s lives through presentations that reflect changes in Ireland’s social, cultural and demographic landscape.



It is the organisation’s policy to comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and at all times to adhere to best business practice in all its operations. The organisation is committed to the implementation of good governance and has commenced the journey to meet the regulatory requirements of the Charities Governance Code.

ITI is committed to compliance with the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising from the Public and maintaining good fundraising practice, providing transparency to all donors and the public on accountability and expenditure.

The company operates in accordance with its Constitution which is available to download below.

Irish Theatre Institute’s members are the Board.


Financial Statements

Irish Theatre Institute keeps detailed and up to date financial records and is transparent in its audited financial statements.

In order to follow best practice in relation to accounting and reporting, ITI has adopted Charities SORP. SORP, the Statement of Recommended Practice, Accounting and Reporting by Charities (2005) was developed in accordance with Accounting Standards Board guidelines, by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and by the Scottish Regulator. Whilst it has no jurisdiction outside the UK, ITI has adopted this system which is seen as prudent and provides best practice in respect of accounting and reporting.


Band €30,000 - €39,999

Band €40,000 - €49,999

Band €50,000 - €59,999

Band €60,000 - €69,99 X

Band €70,000 - €79,999

ITI’s Co-Directors are employed on job share, full time basis. The salary band shown is the full-time ITI Director remuneration which is applied pro rata at 3 days each a week i.e 1.2 WTE.


Complaints Procedure

Irish Theatre Institute welcomes comments, complaints and feedback. If you would like to contact us there are a number of options available to you:

In Person: 17 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

By Email: E-mail with your feedback.

By Letter: to our address at Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

By Telephone: Call +353 (0)1 6704906.

All complaints will be forwarded to the General Manager, Co-Directors and relevant team member. A verbal complaint will be acknowledged as soon as possible by the General Manager. A written complaint will be acknowledged in writing within five working days if contact details are provided.

ITI will look into your complaint within 30 working days of the date when it was acknowledged. If it takes longer the General Manager will notify you with an update. If you are not satisfied with the outcome(s) or the way the complaint was dealt with you will be directed to ITI’s Co-Directors.


Policy Documents and and Statements

ITI's policy documents and revised Strategic Statement 2020 - 2022 are available to download from the column to the right of this page.