Information Toolbox 2015

Friday 11 Sep 2015
9am - 12.30pm
SPIEGELTENT, Wolfe Tone Square

Info toolbox 2015, Spiegeltent. Photography by Simon Lazewski FOTO FARM

Information Toolbox is an energetic networking event Fringe participants can’t afford to miss. It is produced by Irish Theatre Institute (ITI) specifically to meet the needs of the Fringe companies and will take place during the Dublin Fringe Festival. Information Toolbox allows you a unique opportunity to promote your show and pitch it to venue/festival managers and also begin a dialogue with the key funding agencies.

The 10th edition of ITI’s networking event for Tiger Dublin Fringe - Information Toolbox – took place on Friday 11th September in the Spiegeltent at Wolf Tone Square.

In attendance were 55 artists from 36 companies/ productions; 44 presenters representing 37 venues and organisations from Ireland as well as 12 international delegates from Canada, Germany, Iceland, Taiwan, UK and USA. 

A total of 111 attendees registered and an estimated number of 676 meetings took place.


Information Toolbox video

by Mark Cantan