We are delighted to announce the launch of the Irish Society of Stage & Screen Designers. The ISSSD celebrates the work of stage and screen designers living and working in Ireland. It is a professional organisation run by designers for designers. The ISSSD acts as a hub for the sharing of information and communication between professional stage and screen designers in the national and international network of creative arts, design media and performance practices.

ISSSD's long-term aims are

● To expand and deepen the understanding of the role the designer within their profession.

● To advocate the role of design in the larger national and international creative network.

● To promote the role of design in the wider social and educational context.  


ISSSD's immediate goals are:

● To be the first point of communication in Ireland for the International Scenographic community and to be affiliated to the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland.

Stage and screen designers living and working in Ireland have needed support from a society like the ISSSD for a long time. Other attempts to begin such an organization have fallen through in the past. The ISSSD have the breadth of knowledge and experience of the Irish Theatre Institute (ITI) to support it in these early days. The acting committee[1] resolves to see this venture through, and are looking forward to new ideas and initiatives from their growing membership. 


Membership will allow you to:

● Become part of a national and international network that will be highly regarded around the world.

● Have the opportunity to profile your work, biographies and make new contacts in the arts.

● Participate in exhibitions and have your work represented in accompanying catalogues.

● Receive regular updates from the ISSSD.


Who can join?

The ISSSD welcomes practitioners whose work is entirely, or in part, concerned with design and craft for film, television, theatre, opera, dance, event and entertainment design or other performance design media and practices. Members may also be students studying an aligned area, recent graduates or retired practitioners. 


How can you become a member? 

The ISSSD recognizes four categories of membership: professional, associate, graduate and student. Membership fees will be agreed upon at our next AGM and will be representative of each category. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, email 
Find us on Facebook, look up The Irish Society of Stage and Screen Designers (ISSSD).


How can you help today?  

The ISSSD needs your help today to get off the ground. We are asking prospective members to donate towards the establishment of this society.

This donation will be taken against your membership fee.

In order for us to move forward quickly, we suggest an amount of €50, if that is within your means.

Your donation will allow us to register with the Design and Craft Network, permitting us to act as an official society for Designers of Stage and Screen in Ireland.

[1] As of 13th July 2016:  Liam Doona, Deirdre Dwyer, Alan Farquharson, Maree Kearns, Alma Kelliher, Ciaran O’Melia, Sarah Jane Shiels, Conleth White.



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